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November ’64

1864 November–Nov. 8, specifically–offered the Confederacy its last best chance of survival. The date was that of the presidential election, which pitted Union Maj. Gen. George McClellan, nominee of the Peace Democrats, against incumbent Abraham Lincoln. The height of the … Continue reading

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November ’63

1863 November opened with all eyes on Chattanooga. The little Tennessee city was critical. Surrounded by mountains and additionally guarded on its northern and western sides by a long curl of the Tennessee River, it commanded an east-west rail route … Continue reading

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November ’62

1862 November’s most important event—or non-event—occurred across the Atlantic. France wanted to intervene in America’s war, but only if Britain and its all-powerful navy would join in. So Confederate ministers James Mason in England and John Slidell in France, as … Continue reading

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November ’61

1861               On November 6 Jefferson Davis, provisional president of the Confederate States of America, became no longer provisional.             The former United States senator from Mississippi had been named the first–but provisional–president of the Confederacy in February by … Continue reading

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