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December ’64

1864 The Confederate Army of Tennessee–its ranks and officer corps vastly thinned by the failed assaults the previous afternoon at Franklin, Tenn.–headed to Nashville behind a fleeing Union army on Dec. 1. The Confederate commander, Lt. Gen. John Bell Hood, … Continue reading

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December ’63

1863 December brought its icy, miry roads. The major Union and Confederate armies headed into winter quarters while their leaders took stock and tried to reorganize. The Army of the Potomac was the first to shut down major combat operations … Continue reading

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December ’62

1862 President Lincoln opened the final month of 1862 by making his annual speech to Congress on the state of the Union. He didn’t have to tell the lawmakers that the situation was precarious. In struggling to stay alive, the … Continue reading

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December ’61

1861               So now came December and the approach of a new year–in a war the naive of both sides had assumed would not last three months.             The conflict was already promising to bust budgets on both sides … Continue reading

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