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June ’65

1865 June saw the last significant surrender of soldiers flying the Confederate flag. The final organized force to lay down its arms did so on June 18, 1865 at Doaksville in Indian Territory, now Oklahoma. These Confederates were American Indians, … Continue reading

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June ’64

1864 On June 1, Lt. Gen. Ulysses S. Grant stepped down onto the threshold of his lowest point as the Union’s new general-in-chief. The place was specific and had a name Grant never forgot or wanted to be reminded of. … Continue reading

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June ’63

1863 Robert E. Lee found himself in a hard place in June of 1863. Commanding what he called the finest army in the world, he had become hard-pressed to feed and clothe it in battle-scourged northern Virginia.  And that was … Continue reading

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June ’62

1862 The botched battle of Seven Pines and the serious wounding of General Joseph E. Johnston resulted in a new Confederate commander in front of Richmond. General R. E. Lee, as he was known then, rode forward to replace Johnston … Continue reading

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June ’61

1861             Vital struggles for the border states gathered momentum in June.             Zealous Ohio Gov. William Dennison, working closely with President Lincoln, formed units to protect Ohio’s boundaries with Virginia and Kentucky. Then he, Lincoln, and newly-appointed Major General … Continue reading

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