Jack Hurst is a former longtime print journalist who has written three Civil War books: Nathan Bedford Forrest: A Biography (Alfred A. Knopf, 1993), Men of Fire: Grant, Forrest, and the Campaign That Decided the Civil War (Basic Books, 2007), and Born To Battle: Grant and Forrest–Shiloh, Vicksburg, and Chattanooga (Basic Books, June 2012). He also had a desk in the rear of the cityroom of the Nashville Tennessean and watched David Halberstam go about covering the desegregation movement in Nashville in 1960-61 and himself covered some of the civil rights demonstrations in Birmingham for the Tennessean in 1963.

Born to Battle by author Jack Hurst from Bob Henderson on Vimeo. This video was filmed at Landmark Booksellersin Franklin, Tennessee. For more info about the event, visit Born to Battle by Jack Hurst.

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  1. John Marszalek says:


    This is terrific. Your friend, Gordon Berg, whom I met at the Pamplin Park conference, told me about this.

    I’m sure you know that this is the slogan of the National Park Service for the Sesquicentennial: From Civil War to Civil Rights.


    John Marszalek

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