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December ’62

1862 President Lincoln opened the final month of 1862 by making his annual speech to Congress on the state of the Union. He didn’t have to tell the lawmakers that the situation was precarious. In struggling to stay alive, the … Continue reading

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November ’62

1862 November’s most important event—or non-event—occurred across the Atlantic. France wanted to intervene in America’s war, but only if Britain and its all-powerful navy would join in. So Confederate ministers James Mason in England and John Slidell in France, as … Continue reading

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October ’62

1862 Abraham Lincoln’s preliminary Emancipation Proclamation, issued on Sept. 22, began sinking in on both sides of the Mason-Dixon Line—and the Atlantic Ocean. Internationally, the incipient measure produced the kind of wide reaction Lincoln had hoped to avoid. For that reason, … Continue reading

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September ’62

1862 A Confederate tide now washed northward on both sides of the Appalachians. Robert E. Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia crossed the Potomac River into Maryland with titanic ambitions but reduced ranks. Thousands of its 55,000 men—worn-out, ill-fed, and reluctant … Continue reading

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August ’62

1862 The Southern mindset now became more aggressive. Heartened by Robert E. Lee’s victories over the Union Army of the Potomac on the Virginia peninsula, Confederate leaders were desperate to recover Middle and West Tennessee. They also hoped to encourage … Continue reading

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July ’62

1862 Fighting for the six consecutive days ending June, General Robert E. Lee and his outnumbered Confederates had separated, flanked, and stopped the Union Army of the Potomac, breaking an impending siege that had panicked the Southern capital. The Federals had … Continue reading

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June ’62

1862 The botched battle of Seven Pines and the serious wounding of General Joseph E. Johnston resulted in a new Confederate commander in front of Richmond. General R. E. Lee, as he was known then, rode forward to replace Johnston … Continue reading

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